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Embedded Systems Development

Embedded systems surround us, millions of computing systems are built every year embedded within larger electronic devices, but still goes unnoticed. Any device running on electric power already has an embedded system.

Embedded systems are the electronic drivers and brain of machines, found in cell phones, digital cameras, calculators, answering machines, home security systems ,transmission control and other gadgets.

We offer full range of design services for embedded system development, that includes system architecture and design, electronic circuit design and analysis, real-time software design, GUI and tool development, printed circuit board design, mechanical packaging design, and documentation.

Our core competencies include microprocessor/microcontroller embedded system development, specifically for rugged and industrial applications.  Upfront efforts are made to design for EMI and Environmental effects.  We have developed systems utilizing microprocessors and microcontrollers from Atmel, PIC, Intel, Texas Instruments, Microchip, as well as others.

Our control systems and software development engineers, are experienced at algorithm creation along with real-time embedded code development. Software development capabilities include high and low level languages.


Our embedded system development experience includes:

  • Telematics (GPS Navigation and Tracking Systems)
  • Integrated Security System
  • Remote monitoring systems (Power Generators / remote site monitoring and control)
  • Firmeware reverse engineering
  • Analog & Digital Sensors
  • Core Processors
  • Sensor and Sensorless closed loop Control
  • Multiplexed Communication Links
  • Battery and Energy Management
  • Integrated or Distributed Process Control
  • Diagnostics/Prognostics
  • System Analysis

To maintain control and traceability of changing requirements, our Configuration Management System tracks  hardware and software version level and changes.