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GPS Protocol Integration

GPS is considered a technology that compliments GIS operations,  through the integration of GPS technology into existing GIS systems.
Global positioning system (GPS)  technology has complimented geographic information systems (GISs) for many years, The primary function of a GPS based device is to determine position and precise time, which can then be used immediately, or can be collected, stored or transferred to a Control Station such as a GPS tracking system or a Powerline fault detection system.

Already have a tracking system? but the current devices doesn’t satisfy your market needs? you don’t have to stick to your current units supplier worrying about new device integration.

We handle your device integration smoothly with proper planning and ZERO downtime to your system. Expierenced in almost  all devices available to the market, with full awareness of advantages and  disadvantages. And capable  of protocol integration into existing systems.

For inquries concerning GPS protocol integration, contact us and our representative would be more than happy to assist you.