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AVL Service Provider Platform

Service provider business process gets complicated during growth, automation of the daily task can guarantee fast return of investment and increased profit margins.

Our Management platform, is aimed to manage entire GPS business process for involved departments in one location, i.e sales, operation management, technical support and inventory.

Centralization of process eliminates human error factors, and help generating useful reports and control individual privileges per user.

General Features:

  • Create different type and levels of users.
  • Create teams and specify supervisors, such as, sales manager, Operation manager.
  • Manage sales pipeline and sales team performance.
  • Process work flow adjustment, for example, a new account can not be added without sales team approval.
  • Multiple reports generation, supporting business flow.
  • Tracking device Stock and installation managament.
  • Tracking devices installation history, integrated with support Help desk department as a ticketing system.
  • Pr installation distribution of tracking devices to technicians.
  • Full system auditing log, tracking all users activities.

Application Features:

  • Full integration with your tracking system.
  • Web based application, powered by bootstrap technology that can be used on mobile devices and tablets.
  • 24/7 on line access.