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Reverse GEO-Coding - DS-ReveseIT

Reverse geo coding is the process of reversing a satellite position longitude and latitude into human readable address, such as street name, location, nearby places, etc.

The use of the reverse geo coding is critical to the identification of the location address, helping user to identify the location based on the local names of the place.

Our reverse geo coding solution help companies define their own addressing criteria and format to represent GEO location as an address, and will help GPS service providers and AVLs provide their customers with a detailed reports of GPS coordinates.

Throughout the system back end, system administrator can modify real map data, and replace it with custom address, or add new location address by placing a beacon on a map which will pick the coordinate and automatically fill the reset of the position addressing according to its geographical property.


  • Add unlimited number of addresses and coordinates.
  • Simple use, one click on the map location, and a simple entry of the Name of the place, and the system will do the rest of the addressing automatically.
  • Add multi language Name, based on your needs.
  • Search address for a specific Location, Point Name, or street address.
  • Batch modifying of multiple records, saving time for customization.

Application Features:

  • Complete Web-based application
  • Location request through http request
  • Customizable request code (Protocol) based on customers application.
  • Access authorization - security features to allow only users through-out your GIS application access the address.