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Gulf Coast Enterprise – Jordan

Gulf Coast Enterprise GCELogistic is a corporation that is licensed certified for International Shipping and a world class importer of Record IOR Services Provider.GCELogistic possess extensive experience and knowledge with transporting many kind of goods.They are committed to provide customers with the highest standards of value added services in the industry.

Not only is a website with an outstanding design but it also spreads shipping and freight awareness and tips through their blogs that explains the processes, procedures, tricks of transportation & shipping.

This project was a challenge for DSTeck, as we had to compete with multinational logistics and shipping organizations to rank on google First Page Results. project involved a series of statistical analysis and coding to get On Page SEO ready. It is now ranking Top on First page results on most of the well-known search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, showing as the first, second or third search results for most of related search engine quires.

Project Year: 2016
Project Start Date: August, 2016
Project Launch Date: December, 2016
Project Category
Corporate website
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Award wining top 75 best logistics blogs