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Gulf Coast Enterprise – Jordan

Gulf Coast Enterprise (GCELogistic) is a corporation that is licensed and certified for International Shipping and a world-class importer of Record – IOR Services Provider. GCELogistic possesses extensive experience and knowledge in transporting many kinds of goods. They are committed to providing customers with the highest standards of value-added services in the industry.

Not only is a website with an outstanding design but it also spreads shipping and freight awareness and tips through their blogs that explain the processes, procedures, tricks of transportation & shipping.

This project was a challenge for DSTeck, as we had to compete with multinational logistics and shipping organizations to rank on google First Page Results. project involved a series of statistical analyses and coding to get On-Page SEO ready. It is now ranking Top on First page results on most of the well-known search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, showing as the first, second, or third search results for most of the related search engine quires.

GCElogistic logo
Project Year: 2016
Project Start Date: August, 2016
Project Launch Date: December, 2016
Project Category
Corporate website
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Award wining top 75 best logistics blogs