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Washbox – Jordan

WashBox are professionals in the laundry and wet cleaning business, which means they always stay up to date on the latest technologies, cleaning methods, and solutions for dealing with stains or delicate fabrics. Plus, maintaining the highest standards of business integrity by following local and national regulations and environmental safety rules. displays all of the services, benefits & features, procedures, and prices of Washbox in an appealing but simple way. Not to mention how the website design is correspondent to Washbox mobile application.

Washbox logo
Project Year: 2017
Project Start Date: May, 2017
Project Launch Date: October, 2017

Project URL:

Project Category
Corporate website
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Washbox Website screenshot


Abdulrahman Al Qasisi - Oriental Store for Computers

Abdulrahman Al Qasisi

Business Development Manager
Oriental Store for Computer

Best company who always had a strong emphasis on their work, The result of working with such a strong team whom share their experience is incredible , they are as expected and more. They gave us a full ecommerce website and SEO solution.

Oriental Store for Computer


Hussein Sisan -Smartsystems

Owner / General Manager
Smart Systems For Computers

When we signed agreement with DSTeck to develop our website, we thought they are only developers, but soon we figured they are long term partner and got this ownership and loyal to our business same as we are, they helped much in content structure, content proofing and even strategic planning, they are using the latest technology in the field. Now, we consider our website as one of our valuable assets, many thanks to Mr. Emad Al Wari and his team for being patient and cooperative, hope to have best ROI.

Smart Systems Jordan



Mohammad Odeh – Taipei

Senior Sales / Online Marketing Adviser
Taipei For Computers

When it came to e-business, shifting from offline to online or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) , DSTeck has shown enough responsibility, commitment, and suitable skills to fulfill our needs, no matter what kind of help needed, they are always there. DSTeck truly understands whats in your mind and that’s what really mattered to us.


Adnan Abu Sharar – Nabed

Managing Director
Nabed – Health Care Content Specialists

We have worked with DSTeck on a number of projects, and I can confidently recommend working with DSTeck for a variety of reasons, most importantly, dedication and devoted attention to the logic of our business. With DSTeck it is never only development and coding, DSTeck’s unique offerings come through tremendous capacity to dig into the logic of your business till you go to market with extreme attentiveness. which makes us grateful and makes it really a pleasure working with them. I therefore strongly recommend DSTeck to whoever interested to have a project that requires intellect thinking and design.


Mohammad Kurdi

Mohammad AlKurdi – FinalMile

General Manager
Final Mile Logistics

DSTeck has created our company’s website, extremely professional and proactive. I admire their follow up and consistent upgrade throughout the new tech. The team is super professional at work.


Ahmad Alfar - GCE Logistics

Ahmad AlFar – GCE

GCE Logistics

We can’t say enough about the excellent work that DSTeck has offered us, It was an absolute pleasure to work with DSTeck, They understood our needs & requirements and they far surpassed our expectations. We highly recommend that you use DSTeck to develop your business.