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Kaspersky Lab products Windows 10 compatibility

Aug 9, 2015 | Technology Blog

Many users of Windows are probably looking to upgrade their operating system to Microsoft’s latest and greatest. If you are one of those users and you use Kaspersky Lab products, what should you do? The best option for Kaspersky Lab users is to download the latest version of their choice of Kaspersky Lab product, which supports new Microsoft OS, before installing Windows 10.

Even if you’re already using Kaspersky Lab 2015 product, you should download the latest release from Kaspersky Lab site, just to be completely sure your security solution is totally compatible with Windows 10.

If for some reason you prefer to stick to some earlier version of Kaspersky Lab product, you need to wait for patch for a patch for your specific version of our software. Patches for 2014 product versions will be available on 30 July. For PURE 3.0, 2013 and earlier 2015 versions patches will be available on 2 September.

The 2016 versions of Kaspersky Lab products are another option for you that we feel is the best one as it supports Windows 10 by design. In some regions new products are available today, in other regions you need to wait a few days.