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How to upgrade to windows 10

Aug 3, 2015 | Technology Blog

Microsoft has made the upgrade easy, simply follow the steps below to have your OS upgraded, the only thing you need to Upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8.

the following steps will assest you upgrading your OS easly.

Reserve Upgrade

1. To reserve your free upgrade, click on the Windows 10 icon located in the lower right side of the system tray.

  • If you Don’t see the Windows 10 icon try running Windows Update and install any available required and recommended updates for your existing Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC.
  • If yoou still don’t see the icon? Click here and try microsoft solution to fix.

2. Once in the Get Windows 10 app, click “Reserve your free upgrade” in the app window.

3. Enter your email if you want confirmation of this reservation.

4. Microsoft will download Windows 10 to your device and notify you when it’s ready. You can cancel your reservation at any time.

If you’d like to create a USB drive or DVD to download once and upgrade multiple PCs – click here.

Note: This free Windows 10 upgrade is available for PCs and tablets; the free Windows 10 Mobile upgrade will be available for most phones starting later this year


Once you have reserved, you are in the queue for your upgrade. Watch for your notification from the Get Windows 10 app to arrive in the coming days or weeks. At that point, you can upgrade immediately or pick a time that works for you.